Veer Bal Diwas: In 'Amritkaal', country attained 'freedom from mentality of slavery,' says PM Modi

Veer Baal Diwas: PM Narendra Modi reminds nation of forced conversion by Aurangzeb, says 'Guru Govind Singh's children...'
Veer Bal Diwas: In 'Amritkaal', country attained 'freedom from mentality of slavery,' says PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi and UP CM Yogi Adityanath participated in a programme marking 'Veer Bal Diwas' at Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium in Delhi on Monday. He attended a 'Shabad Kirtan' which was performed by around 300 baal kirtanis. 

While addressing the crowd gathered at the stadium, PM Modi said, "Sahibzaades are inspiring generations. A country that has such history should be filled with confidence but unfortunately, in the name of history we were taught only certain narratives which leads to an inferiority complex."

My colleagues from the Union Cabinet, Chief Ministers of States, Presidents and Chairmen of various respected organizations, Diplomats, boys and girls from all over the country specially associated with this program, all other dignitaries, ladies and gentlemen.

Today the country is celebrating the first 'Veer Bal Diwas'. The day, the sacrifice we have been remembering for generations, today marks a new beginning to unitedly bow down to him as a nation. Martyr's week and this Veer Bal Diwas are certainly full of emotions for our Sikh tradition, but eternal inspirations like the sky are also attached to it. 'Veer Bal Diwas' will remind us that young age does not matter at the height of bravery. 'Veer Bal Diwas' will remind us that what is the contribution of ten Gurus, what is the sacrifice of Sikh tradition for the country's self-respect! 'Veer Bal Diwas' will tell us that- what is India, what is the identity of India! Every year this auspicious occasion of Veer Bal Diwas will inspire us to recognize our past and build the future to come. What is the potential of the young generation of India, how the young generation of India has saved the country in the past, how our young generation has pulled India out of the darkest darkness of humanity, 'Veer Bal Diwas' for decades and centuries to come He will announce it for

Today, on this occasion, I bow down at the feet of Veer Sahibzadas and pay my grateful tribute to them. I consider it a good fortune of our government that today it got the opportunity to declare 26th December as Veer Bal Divas. I bow down with devotion at the feet of father Dasmesh Guru Govind Singh ji, and also at the feet of all the gurus. I also bow my head at the feet of Mata Gujri, the symbol of Mother Power.

The history of thousands of years of the world is full of dreadful chapters of cruelty. From history to legends, in front of every cruel face, there has been one great character of great heroes and great heroines. But it is also true that, whatever happened in the battle of Chamkaur and Sirhind, it was 'Bhuto na Bhavishyati'. This past is not thousands of years old that the wheels of time have blurred its lines. All this happened only three centuries ago on the soil of this country. On the one hand religious bigotry and such a huge Mughal Sultanate blinded by that bigotry, on the other hand, our Guru, who was engrossed in knowledge and penance, the tradition of living the ancient human values of India! On one hand the culmination of terror, and on the other hand the pinnacle of spirituality! On one hand, religious frenzy, and on the other hand, generosity that sees God in everyone! And in the midst of all this, on one side the army of lakhs, and on the other hand the brave Sahibzade of the Guru stood fearless even being alone! These brave Sahibzade were not afraid of any threat, did not bow down before anyone. Zorawar Singh Sahab and Fateh Singh Sahab, both were put alive in the wall. On the one hand brutality broke all its limits, on the other hand all the patterns of patience, bravery and bravery were also broken. Sahibzada Ajit Singh and Sahibzada Jujhar Singh also set an example of bravery, which is inspiring for centuries.

The PM further went on to say that it is in the 'Amritkaal' that the country attained freedom from the mentality of slavery. 'Veer Bal Diwas' is observed to mark the martyrdom of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji's son Sahibzadas Baba Zorawar Singh Ji and Baba Fateh Singh Ji.

The Govt has also organised programmes across the country to inform and educate citizens about the bravery of Sahibzades. Programmes including essay writing and quiz competitions were conducted amid other activities such as digital exhibitions.

Why Veer Baal Diwas?

While all four sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji were martyred, the date is observed as the martyrdom day of the Sahibzadas- Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh - who are said to have been martyred at the tender ages of six and nine in Sirhind (Punjab) by Mughal forces on the orders of the then ruler Aurangzeb.

The place where the sons of the last Sikh Guru were buried alive is the present day's Fatehgarh Sahib.

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