रोबोट आशा की अवतार ? रोबोट आशा बोलणार मानवी भाषा #thepublicnews24story

रोबोट आशा की अवतार  ? रोबोट आशा बोलणार मानवी भाषा #thepublicnews24story

आशा रोबोट करणार कोरोनावर उपचार, Asha is the first-of-her-kind avatar robot nurse, which is being developed by the researchers at IISc, TCS and Hanson Robotics under Avatar Robotics, a mission-mode project in ARTPARK. Asha is currently learning Hindi and Kannada, but it will be trained in other languages as well. She is also being trained to be controlled remotely by a human being. Asha will be deployed to take care of the first patient as early as next year.

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