Girl Apologizes for Disturbing Dance Video at Mumbai Railway Station

Apology Issued by Girl for Disruptive Dance Video at Mumbai Railway Station
Girl Apologizes for Disturbing Dance Video at Mumbai Railway Station

Video of girl dancing on platform went viral, now apologizing

Viral Video: A video of a girl dancing at a railway station in Mumbai had surfaced, after which action was demanded.

Recently, many videos of dancing inside the platform and train had gone viral. Many girls were seen dancing and disturbing the passengers. After this, action was demanded against these YouTubers and reels makers. Now Mumbai Police caught one such girl and apologized, whose video had gone viral.

A girl had made a video by jumping from the train on the platform. To make the video, this girl had also pushed and shoved the passengers. Now the police has identified this girl and has apologized, the video of which has also surfaced. In the video, the girl is standing amidst the policemen and saying that no one should make videos like this.

In the video, the girl is saying with folded hands that I had made a dance video on the platform which was a legal offence. All the people making reels should not make such videos. I want to apologize to all the passengers.

It is clear from the statement of the girl that after making the video at the railway station, the police has taken action against her and has asked her to release an apology video. Now the video of this girl apologizing is going viral.

According to the information received, this girl had recorded a dance video at CSTM railway station in Mumbai. In this video, this girl suddenly jumps from inside the train in front of the passengers and starts dancing. Although this is not the only girl who has made such a video, rather the number of such people is quite high.

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