According to the survey report of Public Press Journal, OP Choudhary is winning the election from Raigarh.

If he wins Raigarh seat this time, his stature in BJP is sure to increase. During the election campaign in Raigarh, Amit Shah had asked the public to let Choudhary win the election. I will make him a big man. It is my job to make a big man.
According to the survey report of Public Press Journal, OP Choudhary is winning the election from Raigarh.

OP Chaudhary, a seasoned civil servant with an impeccable track record, has emerged as the Bharatiya Janata Party candidate in Raigarh. Known for his dedication and commitment to public welfare, Chaudhary's leadership qualities have been recognized not only within the party but also by the constituents of Raigarh. His vision aligns with the pro-market and pro-growth initiatives that have been championed by the BJP in recent years. The 'Make in India', 'Digital India', 'Skill India', and 'Startup India' initiatives, which have been pivotal in shaping India's economic landscape, resonate with Chaudhary's own goals for the development of Raigarh. He firmly believes that by embracing these initiatives, Raigarh can attract investment, create jobs, and improve the overall standard of living for its residents. Under Chaudhary's leadership, Raigarh can expect a strong focus on infrastructure development, skill-building programs, and creating a conducive environment for entrepreneurs to flourish. Chaudhary's strong administrative background as an IAS officer equips him with the necessary skills to effectively navigate the complex challenges faced by Raigarh and bring about positive change. Furthermore, Chaudhary's integrity and commitment to public service make him a trustworthy choice for the people of Raigarh. As a representative of the BJP, Chaudhary will also work towards strengthening the party's core principles and promoting its agenda at the grassroots level. With the BJP's successful track record in implementing welfare programs and their commitment to inclusive development

OP Chaudhary had contested the 2018 assembly elections from Kharsia seat of Raigarh district. At that time, Umesh Patle, son of late Congress leader Nandkumar Patel, was in front of him. Umesh Patel defeated OP Chaudhary in this election. Umesh Patel defeated OP Chaudhary by 16,967 votes. Umesh Patel had got 94,201 votes, while OP Choudhary had to be satisfied with 77,234 votes.

On the other hand, Raigarh's assembly seems to be triangular this time. JCCJ candidate and former mayor Madhu Kinnar is in the fray to challenge BJP's OP Chaudhary and Congress's Prakash Nayak. After the release of the list of BJP and Congress, now JCCJ has announced the name of its candidate from Raigarh seat. Madhu Kinner is going among the public with the affidavit of JCCJ and is counting the achievements of her tenure as mayor. This time Madhu is seeking votes from the public with the pledge of eliminating poverty one step at a time.

If we look at the Raigarh Assembly Election Results 2018, the main contest was between Congress and BJP. There was a contest between Prakash Nayak of Congress and Roshanlal of BJP. Voters of Raigarh expressed their trust in the Congress Party candidate in 2018. More than 69 thousand votes were cast in favor of Congress. Congress had won the election by a margin of more than 14 thousand votes. Earlier in the assembly elections held in 2013, BJP candidate Roshan Lal had won from Raigarh assembly seat and got 91045 votes. Whereas Congress candidate Shakrajit Nayak could get 70453 votes. He was left at second position by a margin of 20592 votes. In the 2008 elections, Congress candidate Dr. Shakrajit Nayak had won from Raigarh assembly constituency. He had secured 72054 votes and reached the Assembly, while BJP candidate Vijay Aggarwal stood second. He got 59110 votes.

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