Unemployment Pushes Youth to Extreme Measures: Intrusion into Parliament Building Sparks Debate

Youth Unemployment Sparks Parliament Intrusion: Parents Speak Out
Unemployment Pushes Youth to Extreme Measures: Intrusion into Parliament Building Sparks Debate

What did I gain by coming first in running and learning so much? Amol Shinde's parents expressed the girl's mood

Amol Shinde Parents: If the boy survives, he will come to the village, if he dies there, he is dead. Amol Shinde's father's mood. There is no employment despite getting the first number. That is why Amol took this step.

Mumbai: On Wednesday, two persons broke into the newly constructed parliament in the capital Delhi and broke smoke pipes inside the Lok Sabha hall. There was a lot of excitement due to this incident. Sagar Sharma and Manoranjan D. Both of them had jumped from the audience gallery of the Lok Sabha into the main hall. After this, both of them broke the taps that released yellow smoke in the hall. At the same time, two of his accomplices burst smoke bombs and shouted slogans in the vicinity of Parliament House. Among these was a young man named Amol Shinde from Latur. Currently, Amol Shinde is in the custody of the police and he has come into the limelight due to this sensitive case of intrusion into the Parliament building. Strict action is likely to be taken against Amol Shinde for infiltrating the Parliament and breaking the smoke pipe. However, a discussion has started on why he took this step. NCP MLA Jitendra Awad has tried to express the grief of Amol Shinde by tweeting in this matter.

Jitendra Awad has shared a video of Amol Shinde's parents. In this, Amol's parents are trying to advocate for their son. Amol always used to tell us, 'It was expected that I would get selected in police or army recruitment. But now my age is over. I didn't get a job. He always used to say when he was at home, what is the use of learning so much. We asked him to get a job in a company. But he used to tell me that he wanted to try for police and military recruitment. Often he used to say, 'I want to go to Kolhapur or Latur to study. Pay me Rs 4 thousand per month'. But we didn't have that much money. We last spoke to him on December 9. He used to come first in running in recruitment exams. My son has not committed robbery or any theft or fraud. He was not selected in police recruitment despite coming first number. What will he do if there is no employment for so long? That's why he did it. Now if he survives he will come to the village, if he dies he will die there, Amol's parents expressed their anxious feeling.

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