CiiA-2 innovations exhibition is going to be much bigger with high-end innovations on display

CiiA is creating a platform to facilitate the innovation creators, the innovation promoters to come together to explore their potential to tie-them up with incubation centres with an ultimate aim to provide to them market tie-up
Sunil Shukla
Sunil ShuklaCiiA-2 innovations exhibition


As a collective Nation building responsibility, CiiA has launched an initiative to encourage innovations at grassroot level in schools, colleges, engineering, pharma & chemical technology institutions and involving incubation centres to get start-ups onboard.

Thus, the purpose is to discover & showcase the young Indian talent-pool from high schools to graduates, post-graduates to PHDs, individual professionals, young entrepreneurs and others of age up to 28 years.

CiiA encourages these incumbent innovators through inter-institution innovations exhibition & competition with rewards, awards, certificates for the winners, and through highly promoted exhibition, to expose them to industry, manufacturers, MSMEs, start-ups, research institutions, defence, BARC, ISRO, venture capitals, angel investors, HRs and others, so as to provide a head-start in their careers.

CiiA is creating a platform to facilitate the innovation creators, potential users of these innovations and the innovation promoters to come together to explore their potential & utility and for those which are MVPs (Minimum Viable Projects) to tie-them up with incubation centres with an ultimate aim to provide to them market tie-up for acquisition, collaboration, licencing et al and such other supporting.

CiiA shall be a nursery, a breeder and a catalyst for future scientists, researchers, inventors, innovators and others. CiiA further throws open the potential to adopt talented students to get channelised & absorbed into appropriate positions in the rapidly evolving technology field so that the nation gets future ready and it could develop into a multi-trillion economy.

If you have an “IDEA” that can be translated into a working model or a prototype or gadget or an equipment or a demonstrable presentation-plan, which has a good functional, Industrial or a utility value. Then here is your lifetime opportunity, a career breakthrough, being provided by CiiA to showcase your IDEA in a popular and widely promoted CiiA - Innovations Exhibition & Competition

a) Participating Students & Institutions shall be from which Region?

Participating engineering, pharma & chemical technology institutions shall be from all over Maharashtra but high schools & colleges shall be from MMR region (Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane)

b) When and where the exhibition shall be held?

The exhibition shall be organised in Mumbai at Nehru Centre (Planetarium Complex) Worli, Mumbai. Starting from 1st to 3rd February 2023 and the Award Presentation Ceremony on 3rd February 2023, between 3 to 6 pm.

What are the Prizes for Winner Exhibitors?

A Cash Reward of Rs 6.1 Lakhs + Trophies + Certificates of Excellence in Innovation

The Winning Exhibit's Institution or it's Incubation Centre (in case of Start-ups) also gets a prestigious CiiA Trophy + Citation

Applying for participation?

1 -Those students who are confident to ready their working model / prototypes by 15th December 2022, should complete the application for participation asap in FORM-2. Last date of submission of FORM-2 will be 1st December 2022.

2 - Co-collaborators for the same innovation project: The lead innovator shall complete FORM-2 and mention Co-collaborators names and other details.

3 - A short description of the innovation project and its novelty, is to be completed in FORM-2, along with other listed details.

4 - In case of any query CiiA officers will guide students step-by-step in the participation process.

The selection process

Innovations are scrutinised, shortlisted & finally selected by the selection committee. The selected ones shall be permitted to showcase their exhibits in the CiiA-2 Innovations Exhibition & Competition

What is CiiA promotion & publicity campaign?

Huge advertisement, publicity & promotion campaign shall be launched in press media, social media, digital & e-media to create awareness among the potential innovation users & investors. Tie-up with Times of India, industries associations, FMCGs, MSME association, incubation centres, investor association (Angel investors, venture capitalists) and others.

Who shall be the expected visitors to the CiiA-2 Innovations Exhibition & Competition

The visitors shall be potential innovation users the professionals, coming from industries, corporates, MSMEs, defence establishments, DRDO, ISRO & others, space establishments, public sector undertakings, research establishments, BARC, TIFR, FMCGs, industry experts, consultants, advisors, HR heads, patent consultants, angel investors, venture capital promoters and others.


No separate FORM-2 is required to be submitted by the Co-collaborators. However, certificates shall be issued to all the collaborators but trophy and prize money shall be presented only to the lead innovator.

APPs for hosting on mobile for various applications are not accepted, but those can be programmed to activate or run a prototype or a working model of an innovation.

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