When Tragedy King Dilip Kumar Met His Childhood Friend Raj Kapoor For The Last Time

Leaving a legacy of unmatchable screen aura, the late Raj Kapoor is hands down the man who carved the Hindi cinema, and how it is known to the world today. After entertaining the fans for more than five decades, Raj Kapoor left the world for his heavenly abode, on June 2, 1988, at the age of 63 at Apollo Hospital in Delhi. The patriarch of the Kapoor family slipped into a coma, after which he passed away due to a cardiac arrest. But did you know that just before Raj Kapoor slipped into a coma, he met his close friend and the late actor Dilip Kumar? Citing Dilip Kumar’s autobiography, reports revealed that after visiting his childhood friend, the Naya Daur actor left the nation for an event in Pakistan. This was when Raj Kapoor was hospitalised.
When Tragedy King Dilip Kumar Met His Childhood Friend Raj Kapoor For The Last Time
When Tragedy King Dilip Kumar Met His Childhood Friend Raj Kapoor For The Last Time 27/02/2023

Learning about the news, Dilip Kumar, who was known as Raj’s on-screen arch-rival and his best friend off-screen, wasted not a single moment and after landing in Mumbai, he rushed back to Delhi. If reports are to be believed then after witnessing his friend lying unconscious on the hospital bed, Dilip Kumar addressed him as ‘laale di jaan’. The tragedy king reportedly held his hands and asked him to wake up.In a bid to see Raj Kapoor open his eyes, Dilip Kumar walked down memory lane and recalled all the special moments the two spent with each other and narrated it to him. Reportedly, he reminded Raj Kapoor about the bazaars and the kebabs they used to relish together, during their strolls on the streets of Peshawar. He continued by telling his friend that he had brought the ‘khushboo’ of his favourite kebabs from Pakistan.

He also urged his friend to stop acting now. It was hard for Dilip Kumar to see his dear friend on his deathbed and fathom the tragedy of his life. And once again he asked Raj Kapoor to come back to his senses and talk to him. But just like others present in the room that day, Dilip Kumar knew that the showman was not going to return for another show. After this, Dilip Kumar stood up, walked towards the door, and took a last look at his friend in his lifetime, when tears started to roll down his cheeks. That was when everyone realised that a friendship lasting over 60 years and witnessing its own ups and down has ended just like that.

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