Mumbai :- 04/02/2023
Mumbai :- 04/02/2023Mumbai:- 04/02/2023

Mumbai: Tweet demanding sequel to 26/11 movie raises concerns about terror attack, police probe on

This came a day after NIA received a 'Talibani' email warning them of a 26/11 like attack in the city.

 Mumbai Police have received yet another threat of a terrorist attack on the city. This came a day after NIA received a 'Talibani' email warning them of a 26/11 like attack in the city.

According to a report in local media, the Mumbai Police received a threat through a Twitter account wherein the user warned of a terrorist attack.

Mumbai Police's Twitter team was last night tagged in a tweet by a user named @indianslumdog, in which poster of a film by director Ram Gopal Varma's called 'the attacks of 26/11' was used. The tweet read, "When will the second part of the movie release?"

Mumbai police launches investigation into suspicious tweet

Initially, no one found this tweet offensive or suspicious. But when the tweet was quoted from a Twitter handle named @ghantekaking, the Mumbai Police became alert. After that, the Crime Branch of Mumbai Police started an investigation into the tweet, while searching for the person behind it.

In a quote tweet by @ghantekaking, he wrote: "This guy jayu aka @indianslumdog is from surat Gujarat is making fun of attack 26/11 And want another terror attack like this in Mumbai please take immidiate action I have his phone number and address to if you want any help i can help u."

Mumbai Police responded to the tweet asking the profile to share details in direct message.

"After receiving this information, we started the investigation. As per preliminary investigation, nothing appears suspicious. But we are investigating why the other person tweeted this and what is the relationship between the two," said an officer. Meanwhile, the Twitter handle @indianslumdog is currently suspended.

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