Randeep Surjewala said on exit poll of Madhya Pradesh - Congress will pass 135, both BJP and survey will lose

MP Assembly Exit Polls 2023: Congress General Secretary MP in-charge Shri Randeep Surjewala said that most of the survey agencies in Madhya Pradesh are showing a huge majority of Congress, but BJP is only relying on that survey which is not trusted by the polling channel itself. doing
MP Assembly Exit Polls 2023
MP Assembly Exit Polls 2023

MP Assembly Exit Polls 2023: Congress general secretary MP in-charge Randeep Singh Surjewala said that I am fully confident that the sunrise on December 3 will end the misrule of the BJP government. He said that Congress will fulfill its promises by winning more than 135 seats.

Friends, this election was between Madhya Pradesh's Janata vs BJP's scams and failures. We can say with full confidence that people will win. Bharatiya Janata Party trusts the so-called survey which the survey agency itself does not trust, because the BJP government has broken the trust of every citizen of the state. From the youth's future to children's nutrition in recruitment scams.

BJP was rejected by the people - Surve ka sahara

In Madhya Pradesh, most of the survey agencies are showing a huge majority of the Congress, but the BJP is only relying on that survey, which the channel itself is not trusting. This is because BJP has bad intentions to put pressure on the administration on the day of counting of votes. An example of which we can see now is the attempt to tamper with the postal ballot of Balaghat.

Fair counting is essential

Fellow workers, Congress has won the elections in Madhya Pradesh with a huge majority. The joy of this victory can be clearly read on the faces of the people of the region. Only the formalities of counting of votes on December 3 are left, but you have to be alert on December 3 so that the votes can be counted fairly. He said that those officials should also be known who are thinking to influence the election results with bad faith. The arms of the law are very long. The next Congress government will also file an FIR against law breakers and take administrative action.

Electricity will be cheaper

Congress general secretary MP in-charge said that power will be affordable in the Congress government. Also Rs 1500 will come in the account of all the sisters. You will get a gas cylinder for Rs 500. Old loans of farmers will be waived off.

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