Modi's taunt on the opposition - One alone is heavy on all: Said - Nehru was great, so why does no family member keep his surname

Prime Minister Narendra Modi replied to the President's address in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday. Even before the Prime Minister's speech began, the opposition started raising slogans, which continued throughout his 90-minute speech
Modi's taunt on the opposition - One alone is heavy on all: Said - Nehru was great, so why does no family member keep his surname

Modi's taunt on the opposition - One alone is heavy on all: Said - Nehru was great, so why does no family member keep his surname

Prime Minister Narendra Modi replied to the President's address in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday. Even before the Prime Minister's speech began, the opposition started raising slogans, which continued throughout his 90-minute speech. On this the PM said – The country is seeing that one single person is overshadowing many. People have to change even to speak slogans. I've been talking for an hour alone, haven't stopped. There is no courage in them, they are looking for a way to escape.

On changing the name of government schemes, the PM said – If Nehruji's name was not mentioned in any programme, some people's hair would stand on end. The blood used to get hot. I do not understand why someone of his generation is afraid of having the Nehru surname. What a shame to have Nehru surname. Such a great person is not acceptable to you and your family and you ask for our account.

The country is not the fiefdom of any one family.

The Prime Minister said- Some people have to understand that the age-old country is a country of common man's sweat and traditions that have been going on for generations. There is no family property. We have given the Khel Ratna in the name of Dhyanchand. Andaman islands were named after Subhash Chandra Bose, Param Vir Chakra winners. The peak of the Himalayas has been made Everest.

The more mud you throw, the more lotus will bloom

He said- The country listens seriously to what happens in the House, but it is unfortunate that the speech of some people is going to disappoint not only the House but also the country. I will tell such members that they had mud, I had gulal. Whoever had it, he gave it a bounce. The more mud you throw, the more the lotus will bloom.

11 answers to the Congress in the Prime Minister's 90-minute speech.

1. In 60 years, a family dug only pits

In the speech, Modi said- Yesterday, Khargeji of the opposition said that in 60 years he made a strong foundation. Their complaint was that we have laid the foundation and Modi is taking the credit. Coming in 2014, when I tried to see things closely, it was seen that for 60 years, the Congress family had made potholes. His intention would be good, but he had made a pit.

2. No understanding of economic policies, know the game of power

Modi said- Those who do not understand economic policies, only know how to play the game of power. He changed the economic policy into disaster policy. I warn them to go to their states and explain that they should not go on the wrong path. See what has happened to the neighboring countries. The policy of taking loans for immediate gains will not only ruin the state, the country will also be ruined.

There can be political-ideological differences, there can be commentary. Do not play with the economic health of the country. Do not commit such a sin, which takes away the rights of your child. You have fun today and the children have to bear the brunt. This trend is a matter of concern.

Modi said- States will also have to be disciplined for the economic health of the country. Only then the states will also be able to take advantage of the journey of development. You didn't pay attention to those who had a dream of two times bread. You didn't see social justice, we saw it. We took steps to provide opportunities. We walk with determination to fulfill the dreams of a free India.

3. Despite repeated denials, Congress is plotting

The PM said that the country is repeatedly rejecting the Congress, but it is not desisting from its conspiracies. The public is watching this and has been punishing them at every opportunity. Take any part of India from 1857 to 2014. The contribution of tribals in the freedom struggle is full of golden pages.

Tribal brothers remained deprived of development for decades and the bridge of trust was never built. Questions for the governments kept arising in the minds of the youth again and again. If I had worked with dedication for the welfare of the tribals with the right intention, I would not have had to work so hard in the third decade of the 21st century. In the Atal Bihari government, a separate ministry and a separate budget was arranged for the tribals.

4. Congress toppled elected state governments 90 times

Those sitting in the opposition have ripped apart the rights of the states. Who was in power, who was the party, who used Article 357. Toppled elected governments 90 times. who is that. Who did this? Not only this, a Prime Minister used Article 356 50 times. That is Indira Gandhi. Governments were toppled 50 times.

Those in Kerala who are standing with him today. There was a leftist government, which Nehruji did not like and toppled it. In Tamil Nadu, the governments of stalwarts like MGR and Karunanidhi were also ruined by these Congressmen. MGR's soul must be watching where you are standing.

Back here is the senior member of the House, Mr. Sharad Pawar. When he became the Chief Minister at the age of 35-40, his government was also toppled. Today they are also there. Some people may have changed their names and clothes on the advice of astrologers. NTR had gone to America for health and these people tried to topple his government. This was the stature of Congress politics.

5. Congress made Raj Bhavans party offices

The Raj Bhavans were converted into Congress offices. In 2005, the NDA had more seats in Jharkhand, but the governor called the UPA. There was a pre-poll agreement between BJP and Devilal in 1982, the governor had called the Congress. Today they are misleading the country.

6. Nothing to remove poverty in 40 years did not

PM said- When anyone comes in the government, he comes with promises to do something for the country. He comes with promises of doing good to the public. Merely expressing feelings does not make the point. As it was once said to remove poverty, nothing happened in 4 decades. What is the speed of development, the intention of development, its direction, efforts and results, it matters a lot.

7. Used farmers for politics

In his speech, the PM raised the question – what was the policy for the farmers. The aim was to take care of some upper class and run our politics from them only. Small farmers were neglected, no one listened to their voices. Our government focused on small farmers. Connected them with banking and today Kisan Samman Nidhi is deposited in their accounts 3 times a year.

We wrote to the UN for Millet Year. These are grown by small farmers. Just like the importance of quince, in the same way millet should get the status of Shri Anna. This will give strength to small farmers. Whole grains are also a great strength for nutrition.

8. No vote bank, no electricity in North-East

The Prime Minister said – there was no electricity in the villages. There were remote villages, there were villages in the North East. There were hill villages. They didn't have vote banks, so they didn't pay attention to providing electricity. We said that we will draw a line on a stone, not butter. We provided electricity to 18 thousand villages. Happy that remote villages have seen a ray of hope after so many years of independence.

In earlier governments, electricity used to come for a few hours. Earlier, a pillar was buried in the village and its anniversary was celebrated every year. Today we have been able to provide 22 hours electricity. We did not leave people to their fate. Didn't think about political profit or loss, chose the way to make the country's tomorrow bright. Chose the path of hard work.

9. Tried to humiliate scientists

The Prime Minister said – How many attempts were made to humiliate the scientists who made the vaccine. Articles were written, spoken on TV. These people are anti-science, they are anti-technology people. Don't leave a chance to defame our scientists.

Our youth are doing new research, they are defaming them. They are not worried about the country, they are worried about their politics. We are happy that today more than 100 crore mobiles are in the hands of my country. Once upon a time we used to import, but today we are proud to export.

10. The profiteers of the old system are crying out

The Prime Minister said – We sent money directly to the Jan Dhan account. We brought a new eco system. It is natural for those who used to get the benefits of the old eco system to cry. Earlier there was a culture of delaying projects and making them go astray. We have created the technology platform and are speeding up the infrastructure projects. Earlier it used to take months to make plans, today plans are pushed forward in a week.

11. Did not find a permanent solution to any challenge, Modi said- From Panchayat to Parliament, their world used to run. The country also supported him blindly, but he created such a working style and culture that he did not think, think or try to find a permanent solution to a single challenge. The identity of our government has been made because of efforts. Due to the steps taken one after the other. Today we are moving in the direction of permanent solution.

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