Israel jets hit Gaza, Lebanon following rocket attack

Israel Strikes Gaza: After the rocket attack by Lebanon, badly infuriated Israel has bombarded the Gaza Strip. After the rocket attack from Lebanon, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu warned with a stern tone that he would have to face the consequences.
Israel jets hit Gaza, Lebanon following rocket attack
Israel jets hit Gaza, Lebanon following rocket attack07/04/2023

Two tunnels and two arms manufacturing factories have been claimed to be destroyed after the intense bombardment by Israel late Thursday night. The first tunnel destroyed is said to be in the northern Gaza city of Beit Hanun while the second mine is near the southern Gaza city of Khan Yunis.

More than 30 rockets fired from Lebanon

According to the Israeli army, more than 30 rockets were fired at Israel from the Lebanese side, a day after which the Gaza Strip has been targeted and bombed. It was said from the Israeli side that the rockets were fired from the Lebanese side at a time when our Security Cabinet meeting was going on.

Israel said two people were injured in the Lebanese rocket attack and several buildings and vehicles were damaged. Israel blamed the Palestinian group Hamas for the attack. The Israeli military claimed that 34 rockets were fired from Lebanon, of which 25 were intercepted by the air defense system.

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