Hamas will 'take the mother of all thumpings', Israel warns as truce expires

Israel-Hamas War: Israel government spokesman said, “Having chosen to hold onto our women, Hamas will now take the mother of all thumpings.”
Israel-Hamas War
Israel-Hamas WarADMIN

An Israeli government spokesman said that Hamas "will now take the mother of all thumpings" after a truce pausing fighting in the Gaza Strip expired and hostilities resumed

"Unfortunately, Hamas decided to terminate the pause by failing to release all the kidnapped women," government spokesman Eylon Levy said, adding, “Having chosen to hold onto our women, Hamas will now take the mother of all thumpings.”

Update on truce between Israel and Hamas

A week-long truce between Israel and Hamas ended as two sides failed to agree on the release of more hostages held by the group. Israeli jets struck Hamas targets in Gaza soon after the cease-fire finished as the army dropped leaflets on southern parts of the enclave telling people to evacuate, signaling an expansion of Israel’s ground offensive beyond north of the strip.

On the truce, Israel said that Hamas didn’t free all the kidnapped women it promised to in the latest group to be released. Hamas violated the truce by firing missiles at Israel, it said while the militant group accused Tel Aviv of refusing to accept any of its hostage-exchange offers.

The truce led to dozens of hostages being freed and Israel releasing jailed Palestinian women and minors. Hamas killed 1,200 people in its attack on Israel and took around 240 back into Gaza. More than 15,000 Palestinians have died since Israel began retaliatory strikes and ground assault.

What Qatar said on the truce

Qatar, the main mediator in the negotiations between Israel and Hamas, said it hopes to broker another pause between the two sides.

Qatar continued "its condemnation of all forms of targeting civilians, the practice of collective punishment, and attempts to forcibly displace and displace citizens of the besieged Gaza Strip, and its demand for an immediate ceasefire."

Under the cease-fire, Hamas freed around 10 hostages each day and Israel let roughly 30 prisoners out of jail.

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