Finland to join ‘Nato’ soon, Turkey gives approval

Finland to join Nato: Finland will formally join NATO within a few days after Turkey gave its approval to induce the Nordic country into the western defence alliance, the Nato secretary said.
Finland to join ‘Nato’ soon, Turkey gives approval
Finland to join ‘Nato’ soon, Turkey gives approval04/04/2023

According to The Guardian, Nato chief Jens Stoltenberg said, ” Finland will formally join our alliance in the coming days.”

Including Finland in NATO will further escalate tension between Russia and Western countries as Finland shares a border with Russia. 

After Turkey gave its consensus, the Finland government said that joining the alliance would strengthen the country’s security and stability. 

In a tweet, Sanna Marin, Finnish prime minister said, “As allies, we will give and receive security. We will defend each other”.  She also announced support for Sweden’s application to join NATO. 

The decade-long move ended and Finland has now ratified all accession protocols of NATO. 

Nato Chief Stoltenberg tweeted, “I look forward to raising Finland’s flag at NATO headquarters in the coming days. Together we are stronger and safer”.

Finland shares around the 832-mile border with Russia and will become the seventh Nato country on the Baltic sea. 

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