NBE is a Joke: NEET PG Postponed amid Paper leak . NEET-PG QPaper sold in Rs 10k on Telegram

NEET-PG Exam Postponed Hours Before Scheduled Start Amid Paper Leak Row ! NBE or NTA Indian Education System repeats poor show of Security and Students Trust
NEET PG Paper in Rs 10k on Telegram !!
NEET PG Paper in Rs 10k on Telegram !!

In a stunning and controversial move, the National Board of Examinations (NBE) has postponed the NEET-PG examination just 12 hours before its scheduled start, citing a paper leak scandal. The Ministry of Health expressed deep regret for the inconvenience caused to the students and assured that a new date for the exam would be announced soon.

The sudden postponement has left thousands of aspiring medical professionals in shock and frustration. Many students had already traveled to their examination centers, incurring significant expenses—up to ₹25,000—in preparation for the crucial exam. This last-minute decision has resulted in widespread criticism of the NBE and the National Testing Agency (NTA), with students and observers condemning the repeated mishandling of such a vital examination.

Students expressed their mental and financial strain due to the abrupt cancellation. Many have been preparing for this exam for months, if not years, and the constant uncertainty is taking a toll on their morale and well-being.

The Ministry of Health has attempted to justify the decision, stating it was made "in the best interests of the students and to maintain the sanctity of the examination process." However, this rationale offers little solace to the affected candidates who now face an indefinite wait for the rescheduled date, adding to their stress and anxiety.

As the situation unfolds, the integrity and efficiency of India's examination bodies are under severe scrutiny, and the call for a comprehensive overhaul of the system grows louder. The hope remains that future measures will prevent such debacles, ensuring a fair and reliable process for all students.

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