Heroes in White Coats: Andhra and Bengaluru Doctors Save Lives with On-the-Spot CPR

Doctors have superpowers !
Dr Ravalika saved this 6 year old boys life with CPR
Dr Ravalika saved this 6 year old boys life with CPR

In two separate heart-stopping incidents, the quick actions of two dedicated doctors have saved lives and garnered widespread acclaim. These instances of medical heroism underscore the critical importance of timely intervention in emergencies.

In Vijayawada’s Ayyappa Nagar, a 6-year-old boy’s life was hanging by a thread after he suffered an electric shock and went into cardiac arrest. His frantic parents, desperate for help, caught the attention of Dr. Ravalika, who was passing by. Realizing the severity of the situation, Dr. Ravalika sprang into action. Amidst a gathering crowd, she performed CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) on the lifeless boy right there on the road. A viral video captures the intense moments of Dr. Ravalika thumping the boy’s chest continuously, her determination evident as passersby cleared the way for her.

The boy’s parents expressed their profound gratitude for Dr. Ravalika’s life-saving intervention. The community and internet alike are lauding her vigilant and heroic actions.

In a parallel act of bravery, Dr. Ganesh Srinivasa Prasad, a nephrologist and transplant physician from Bengaluru, demonstrated exceptional readiness during the second phase of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. On April 26, while waiting in line at a polling booth at a government school in Jumbo Savari Dinne, JP Nagar, Dr. Prasad witnessed a woman collapse. Without a moment’s hesitation, he rushed to her aid and administered CPR, showcasing his quick thinking and medical proficiency.

Dr. Prasad later shared the incident on the microblogging platform ‘X’ (formerly Twitter), inspiring many with his selfless and prompt response. His story, like Dr. Ravalika’s, highlights the critical role of medical professionals in emergency situations.

Both doctors have not only saved lives but have also inspired their communities with their exemplary actions. These incidents serve as a reminder of the profound impact of medical expertise and swift action in saving lives.

health.with.vg channel on instagram has applauded Both of this doctors efforts !!

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