Revolutionary AI Tool for Healthcare -AUGUST AI

This Free, 24x7 available WhatsApp bot is the health assistant that every doctor needs to have.

This Free, 24x7 available WhatsApp bot is the health assistant that every doctor needs to have. August is the world's best health assistant AI (according to benchmarks like USMLE, MedMCQA etc.).

Use August to brainstorm medical cases/diagnosis, clarify medical doubts & discuss treatment pathways/guidelines/protocols. It gives you guidance & support for treating your patients. It has access to up-to-date research on the medical field. Not only is it an expert but has empathy that of a human friend

You can refer it to your patients as an emotional companion. Here are few features of August:

- ⁠🆓 Available 24/7 for free on WhatsApp

- 🩸Interprets & understands blood reports (upload a PDF & get deep analysis)

- 📝 Read & understand medicinal prescriptions from doctors

- 📸 Visual symptom checker: upload a picture of your condition & get analysis

- 🗣 It works on voice conversations as well w/ multi-lingual support

- 🥗 Nutritional info analyser (upload food pictures & get information

- 💪 Gives personalised nutritional plans

- ⏰ Reminders (for medicines, supplements, workouts etc.)

- 🧠 Built by an expert team of doctors & engineers (alumni of IIT, BITS & Johns Hopkins)

- 👂A friend to share your thoughts & worries

- 💬 Just ask any health related question you're curious about (highly accurate symptom checking & diagnosis)

3. August can help you with preparation of your medical exams. It can help you understand concepts in multiple Indian language. You can just drop a voice note.


August is designed to complement medical consultations & offer additional support to doctors/patients. Aim is to provide valuable information & emotional guidance, always with the understanding that August is not a replacement for professional medical advice. August is intended to support, not replace, the expertise and care provided by medical professionals.


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