Sini Shetty To Represent India At Miss World 2023: 5 Facts

Sini Shetty expressed her excitement to show her sisters, from across the globe, what India truly stands for.
Sini Shetty To Represent India
Sini Shetty To Represent India 09/06/2023

India is all set to host the Miss World 2023. The coveted international beauty pageant is returning to the country after 27 years. Though the final dates are yet to be ascertained, the 71st edition of Miss World is expected to take place in November. Sini Shetty, who was announced the winner of the Femina Miss India 2022 title, will be representing India at the Miss World 2023 pageant. She expressed her excitement to show her sisters, from across the globe, what India truly stands for. 

She told PTI, “I am so excited to meet all my sisters across the globe to welcome them to India to show them what India truly stands for, what India is, what is the diversity in India... I am really excited and looking forward to this journey. I hope you guys have the best time here in India.” 

Who is Sini Shetty? Five Facts About Miss India 2022 Winner:

Sini Shetty was born in Mumbai but has her roots in Karnataka. This is why she represented the state at the Miss India 2022 contest. 

Sini Shetty has a graduation degree in accounting and finance. It is reported that the Miss India 2022 winner is pursuing CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst). 

Sini Shetty has also worked at a marketing firm. 

Apart from her academics, dancing intrigued her interest in the co-curricular section. Sini Shetty was just 14 years old when she completed Arangetram in Bharatanatyam.

In an interview, Sini Shetty revealed that Priyanka Chopra inspired her the most, and a statement given by the actress has always stayed by her. She said, “When you look up to a person some of their words get stuck by you. The aspiration value increases, I remember hearing an interview of hers where she stated, 'Don't try to squeeze into a glass slipper. Instead, shatter the glass ceiling.' I have been a fan ever since," Sini Shetty told Hindustan Times.

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